The right style – wood floors come in many varieties which reflect their unique character. The variety is shown in the natural features of timber, i.e. Knots, wood grain, hardwood and softwood.

The right floor in the right place – resistance to damages. Each species of timber has a different degree of hardness. Timber marked as very hard are recommended for high traffic areas, i.e. they are an excellent choice for living rooms. Hallways or children’s room. The timber with a lesser degree of the hardness, thus less resistant to mechanical damage, should be installed in low foot traffic rooms, like bedrooms or lounge rooms.

The right floor in the right place – resistance to sunlight (UV rays), wood floors change their shade. It’s a perfectly natural process which affects all kinds of timber.

Therefore, when choosing a wood floor, it is advisable to know which area of the room will be expose to the sunlight the most. It is recommended that, if possible, the entire room have the same exposure to the sunlight.

A floor area which is covered with a rug, furniture or even table legs will not change its shade to the same degree as an area to direct daylight. To equalize the differences in shade, uncover this area and after some time the difference will have diminished.